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Our Goal is simply this: We want you to be able to take your transcription service for granted. This is why selective customers partner with NOWtranscription for clinical documentation, and why more than 99% of our partners continue to utilize our services.

To learn about the benefits offered by NOWtranscription and how we can transform your medical records process - click the associated links:

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> Management Benefits
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> Office Staff/Medical Records Benefits
> Financial Management Benefits
> Technology/Security Benefits

Pitfalls and Danger Zones

Are you experiencing:

  • Sluggish turnaround time?
  • Consistent technical issues hindering workflow?
  • General inability to resolve recurring problems with transcription?

NOWtranscription can resolve those issues!

How "In The Loop" Are You?

New HIPAA regulations went into effect recently, and individual states are now being encouraged with federal funding to perform random audits across the board.

What does this mean to you? You no longer have to be turned in for a HIPAA violation; you can be targeted randomly at any time.

Can your current transcription company explain to you the rules and regulations that are in place and those that just went into effect? Have you been provided a certificate to ensure you that your transcription provider has done its part to stay on top of the ever-changing requirements? If not, you need to realize you are at risk.

How Can NOW Help You?

We offer FREE consultative services to ensure your operation is on track – both secure and efficient.

More About NOW

You expect Quality, Security and Value from your transcription provider. We at NOWtranscription believe the service you receive should excel beyond those basic expectations.

We pride ourselves on building a mutually beneficial and long-term relationship with selective clinicians, administrators and medical records staff as partners in clinical documentation. By offering additional advantages such as those listed below, NOWtranscription has the technology and experience necessary to save you time, money and headaches.

We pride ourselves on maintaining tight control on quality and work closely with our clients during the initial "go-live" period to develop account specifics and protocol that will provide a smooth work environment.

  • Custom EMR interfacing
  • All-Domestic transcriptionists
  • A dedicated Security Officer
  • Transcriptionist background checks
  • Transparent Billing
  • Customer-Selected Formatting
  • Multiple dictation and delivery options

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What Our Customers Are Saying:

"NOW takes the complexity out of my radiology practice. I don't have to choose between quality and fast turn-around-time; they provide both consistently."
- Jeffrey L. Watts, M.D. – Foundation Radiology

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