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Our Goal is simply this: We want you to be able to take your transcription service for granted. This is why selective customers partner with NOWtranscription for clinical documentation, and why more than 99% of our partners continue to utilize our services.

To learn about the benefits offered by NOWtranscription and how we can transform your medical records process - click the associated links:

> Pitfalls and Danger Zones
> Management Benefits
> Physician Benefits
> Office Staff/Medical Records Benefits
> Financial Management Benefits
> Technology/Security Benefits

Office Staff/Medical Records Benefits:

  • Documents organized and at your fingertips
  • Simple Quick Search, Quick Print and Quick Save options directly from the InfraWare Platform
  • Customizable search functions
    • All STAT reports with a quick click of the button
    • Search by author, patient name, record number and many other options
    • Ability to create quick searches to meet each user’s preference
  • Account specific global documents feature makes posting confidential information for transcription needs simple and secure, i.e. patient schedules/demographics
  • Easy secure login system to review/esign documents from multiple computers
    • Ability to automate document transfer to referring physicians to eliminate manual print/fax time
    • Monitor workflow status

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What Our Customers Are Saying:

"We are able to take our transcription service for granted, and that is truly a luxury afforded to us by NOWtranscription that I would encourage any practice administrator or medical facility to explore and take advantage of."
- Karen Roth, Practice Administrator, Plano Orthopedics, Sports Medicine & Spine Center

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